the Puffer


VIC 72 - Vital Spark - was the last working Clyde Puffer

The Puffer was brought to Inveraray in 2001:

  • 'Vic 72' built in 1944 at Hull, she was one of the last VIC class puffers built to have a loadline certificate to carry cargo and is powered by Diesel Engine. VIC stands for Victualing Inshore Craft (Victual meaning Supplies)
  • The Vital Spark 'Eilean Eisdeal' was the name given to her by the Easdale Shipping Company but she was re-registered in 2006 as the 'Vital Spark of Glasgow', named after the stories written by the Inveraray writer Neil Munro who wrote about 'Para Handy', skipper of the puffer, the 'Vital Spark'.
  • Easdale Shipping She was operated by Easdale Shipping Company, working out of Ayr harbour as of 1994 and Easdale.
  • Made to Measure The puffers were designed to negotiate the Crinan Canal and their max length could not exceed 67 ft.